Water Quality Monitoring Data

Monitoring Reports:
Data from water quality and other environmental monitoring efforts is summarized and analyzed on an annual basis in Section 11 of the Orange County Stormwater Program Unified Program Effectiveness Assessment (Unified PEA). The Unified PEA is finalized by November 15th of each year and covers a reporting period of July 1st through June 30th. The 2013-14 Unified PEA (as well as the Unified PEA from prior reporting periods) is available at the following link: http://ocwatersheds.com/documents/damp/peareports/archived_pea/2013_14_unified_pea (Please note that all water quality monitoring data is reported in Section 11 of the document)

2013 Santa Ana Region & 2014 San Diego Region State of the Environment Reports are also available. These reports represent a commitment to periodically present a comprehensive picture of the quality of Orange County’s creeks, rivers, bays and coastal waters and the actions being taken by the Orange County Stormwater Program (the Program) to protect and restore them.

2013 Santa Ana Region State of the Environment            2014 San Diego Region State of the Environment      

Monitoring Data Portal:To view OC Watersheds monitoring programs, sample locations and water quality data - Click on the interactive map below.
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*For your convenience, OC Watersheds has provided a short demonstration video of how to use the interactive map and download the data through the following link:  https://www.cubby.com/pl/Instant+meeting+2014-03-17+(5).webm/_936b322ebb404c3382723da0593f60ee
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Direct access to OC Watersheds monitoring program data (without using the map) -  
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Santa Ana Region  San Diego Region
 Bioassessment  Aliso Creek Bacteria TMDL
 Coyote Creek Metals TMDL  Ambient Coastal ReceivingWater
 Dry Weather  Bioassessment
 Estuary/Wetlands  Coastal Storm Drain Outfall
 Mass Emissions  Mass Emissions
Newport Bay Nutrient TMDL - Algae  Non-Stormwater Action Level
Newport Bay Nutrient TMDL - Watershed  San Juan Creek Bacteria TMDL
Nitrogen and Selenium Management Program  Stormwater Action Level
Pathogens and Bacteria
For questions or information regarding water quality monitoring data and data requests,  please contact Michael Fennessy Chief, Environmental Data Management Section.