Alert System

Environmental Data Management operates and maintains the Orange County's Flood Detection System. During periods of rainfall, the Flood Detection System supports the Operations and Maintenance Department Operations Center (DOC), Environmental Resources Section water quality monitoring programs, and the Hydrologic Data collection System. The Flood Detection System consists of the following components:

  • ALERT System (real-time weather telemetry)
    • Base Stations
    • Radio Repeaters
    • Field Stations
  • Supporting Systems
    • Weather Forecasting
    • Local NOAA Weather 
    • Internet Weather
    • Weather Imaging
    • GOES Satellite Images
    • NEXRAD Radar Images 
    • EMWIN System

ALERT and Weather Imaging graphics are displayed on 50 inch color monitors located in the Department Operations Center (DOC) at Glassell Street Facility. The ALERT System, weather imaging display systems, and NOAA weather radio are located in the ALERT Server Room upstairs from the DOC.