Newport Bay Reports and Studies

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Upper Newport Bay Ecosystem Restoration Bulletins:
Draft EIR for the San Diego Creek Flood Control Channel (F05):
  • Draft EIR for San Diego Creek Flood Control Channel (F05): Upper Newport Bay to Interstate 405, Programmatic Operations and Maintenance Project
  • Appendix A: Initial Study/Notice of Preparation & Comment Letters
  • Appendix B: San Diego Creek Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Manual
  • Appendices C – I: C: IRWD Letter to County of Orange
    • D: IRWD Resolution No. 2003-50
    • E: San Diego Creek Capacity Study, 2006 Conditions
    • F: Hydraulic Capacity Study for San Diego Creek Channel
    • G: Technical Report for San Diego Creek Hydraulics Summary
    • H: Newport Bay – San Diego Creek Watershed TMDL for Sediment
    • I: RWQCB Monitoring & Reporting Program No. 99-74
  • Appendix J: San Diego Creek Floodplain Study I-405 to Jamboree
  • Appendices K-L: K: Rule 403
    • L: Air Quality
  • Appendix M-1: Biological Technical Report Part 1
  • Appendix M-2: Biological Technical Report Part 2
  • Appendices N-P: N: Least Bell’s Vireo & Southwestern Willow Flycatcher Surveys
    • O: Evaluation of Potential Least Bell’s Vireo Mitigation Sites
    • P: Special Status Plant Surveys
  • Appendix Q: San Diego Creek O&M Plan Jurisdictional Delineation
  • Appendix R: Archaeological Survey Report
  • Appendix S: Feasibility Study for a Flow-by Retarding Basin San Diego Creek Downstream of Campus
Newport Bay / San Diego Creek Watershed Studies:
Serrano Creek Studies:
Newport / San Diego Creek Watershed TMDL - Nutrients:
Newport Bay TMDL – Sediment:
Newport Bay TMDL - Fecal Coliform:
Newport Bay Shellfish Beneficial Use Assessment:
Newport Bay Watershed – Organochlorines: