Aliso Creek Reports and Studies

Welcome to OC Watershed's Reports and Studies Section. We will continue to update this section to keep you informed of activities and progress within the Aliso Creek watershed.

The Aliso Creek Watershed Chapter presents a planning framework to identify the most significant water quality issues related to urban runoff sources that can addressed at a multi-jurisdictional watershed-scale, to focus jurisdictional pollution prevention and source control programs on local constituents of concern, to identify treatment control opportunities, to incorporate prior data from planning studies, to identify indicators to track progress, and ultimately to develop an integrated plan of action that results in meaningful water quality improvement in the Aliso Creek Watershed. Click on the following link to access the Aliso Creek Watershed Chapter.

Stakeholder Meetings

Aliso Creek Feasibility Scoping Documentation:

Watershed Program Review

Aliso Creek Concept Plan Report February 2007

Aliso Creek Watershed Bacteria TMDL Program

    Water Quality Data Assessments - Annual Reports

Aliso Creek Watershed Workplans

Historical Aliso Creek Watershed data reports can be found through the OC Watersheds Document Library.  Note that from 2001-2005 data analysis was included as part of Aliso Creek 13225 Directive quarterly progress reports (No. 1-18).  In the fall of 2005 analysis was reduced to annual reports which were incorporated into Section D-2 of the Aliso Creek Watershed Action Plan reports (2005-2006, 2006-2007, 2007-2008, 2008-2009).  Since 2010 the data analysis reports have been published separately and the watershed action plans were revised to watershed workplans.